Publication Date

Summer 2013

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Howard Tokunaga


Breach, Organizational Citizenship Behaviors, Perceived Organizational Support, Psychological Contract, Relational, Transactional

Subject Areas

Organizational behavior


The present study examined the effects of psychological contract breach on attitudinal and behavioral job outcomes including job satisfaction, intention to remain with one's organization, perceived organizational support, and organizational citizenship behaviors. Additionally, the present study also examined whether the effect of the psychological contract breach on these job outcomes varied based on the type of psychological contract an employee had (i.e., transactional or relational). A total of 89 part- and full-time employees participated in this study. Results showed that the breach of one's psychological contract had a significant effect on one's job satisfaction, intention to remain, and perceived organizational support. Additionally, there was a significant interaction between psychological contract breach and psychological contract type such that when employees experienced a breach of their psychological contract, the effect of the psychological contract breach on perceived organizational support and organizational citizenship behaviors varied depending on psychological contract type.