Publication Date

Summer 2013

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Industrial and Systems Engineering


Kevin Jordan


aviation, display design, human factors, NextGen, pilot performance, situation awareness

Subject Areas

Aerospace engineering; Psychology; Design


The design of NextGen and current-day cockpit displays are critical for efficient pilot performance and situation awareness on the flight deck. Before deployment of a design into the cockpit the costs and benefits that a display design imposes on performance and situation awareness should be considered. In this thesis, a design tool was developed to support the design of NextGen displays for situation awareness and performance. This design tool is a library of pilot performance estimates. Through literature reviews and meta-analyses of empirical data, the library was developed to provide display designers 1) qualitative distinctions of display properties that either support or limit full situation awareness, and 2) quantitative performance time estimates until situation awareness as a function of various display formats. A systematic method was also developed for future augmentation of the library.