Publication Date

Summer 2014

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering


Shahab Ardalan


coaxial cable, equalizer, ISI, variable gain amplifier, video application

Subject Areas

Electrical engineering


This thesis presents a low-voltage continuous-time linear equalizer for the digital video application of 1080p HD video with a data rate of 3 Gbps. The equalizer was designed in the CMOS 45 nm technology with a supply voltage of 1V and bias current of 1.5 mA. The equalizer has a variable gain, which can be adjusted to suit the cable length and physical parameters. The circuit design of the equalizer filter includes a 3-stage filter, where each stage has been implemented as a variable gain amplifier along with a linear transconductance amplifier as a gain control stage. The equalizer is capable of compensating for the loss of a coaxial cable within the range 0-240 m in length, with each stage compensating for a cable of 80 m. The circuit design of the equalizer was implemented in the CMOS 45 nm technology in Cadence Virtuoso. The equalizer was also tested in Matlab, using the model of the coaxial cable to demonstrate the equalization of the data. The transient results of the equalized data, as well as the eye diagrams, are presented in this work.