Publication Date

Summer 2014

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Emmanuel Gabet


Dry ravel, Flume experiment, Granular flow, Hillslope evolution, Multiparticle transport, Sediment transport

Subject Areas

Geology; Geomorphology


Recent studies of sediment transport have shifted from the traditional continuum paradigm to a particle-based approach. A previous dry ravel flume experiment on single particle transport showed that the angle of repose represented a shift between friction-controlled gentle slopes dominated by local transport and inertia-driven steep slopes dominated by nonlocal transport. My flume study explored multiparticle transport and the effect of sediment volume on transport distance. The flume experiments revealed a negative relationship between sediment volume and transport distance. As sediment volume increased, inter-particle collisions increased, which led to particle jamming and a reduction in transport distance. Furthermore, a higher transition slope was required for transport to shift into the inertial regime as a result of greater sediment volume.