Publication Date

Fall 2015

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Engineering


Mohamed E. Fayad


Consumer complaints, Consumer Protection, Software patterns, Software Stability Model, Stable Analysis Patterns, Stable Design Patterns

Subject Areas

Computer engineering


The concept of consumer complaints and protection has numerous applications across various domains. Using traditional methods of modeling design patterns is a tedious and costly task. The Software Stability Mode (SSM) is a more efficient and effective modeling method. In this thesis, the differences between the traditional method and the SSM is addressed. Then, several patterns are developed using the SSM to deal with consumer complaints. Each area, Advice, Appraisal, Commitment, Complaint, Compliance, Deed, Guideline, Gratification, Judgment, Model, Need, Ownership, Promotion, Rate, Review, Selling, Support, View, and Violation, is explored and the core knowledge of the concept of consumer complaints and protection is developed visually as well as in detail. Useful SAP and SDP templates are included for each concept. The main contribution of this thesis is the creation of stable, reusable templates that build an unlimited number of applications for the consumer complaints and protection concept.