Publication Date

Fall 2015

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)


Geography and Global Studies


Gary Pereira


Alameda, California, Evacuation, Tsunami

Subject Areas



A maximum tsunami inundation zone modeled by the California Geological Survey (CGS) is currently the basis for all tsunami evacuations in California, although CGS is developing Evacuation Playbooks of specific event-based evacuation phases. This report estimates population exposure for the Alameda, CA, Evacuation Playbook Phases since past U.S. Geological scientific reports estimated a large difference in numbers of Alameda residents in the maximum inundation zone when compared to an event-based inundation zone. A pedestrian evacuation analysis using an anisotropic, path distance model was also conducted to understand the time it would take for populations to reach high ground by foot. Initial results suggest that the two islands of the City of Alameda require different emergency planning when it comes to the four tsunami evacuation phases. Results suggest Alameda Island face challenges evacuating recreational marinas and Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach for phases 1 and 2, whereas Bay Farm Island might be challenged with evacuating for phases 3 and the Maximum Phase. Considering the limited safe high ground suitable to pedestrian evacuation, vehicle evacuation analyses for Bay Farm Island may be warranted. City of Alameda emergency managers may consider different evacuation phases for each island depending on the tsunami event.