Publication Date

Summer 2016

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)




Dolores Mena


academic success, diverse, higher education, intersectionality, on campus

Subject Areas

Higher education


San José State University students living in the residence halls were sent a questionnaire via Google Docs. Students were requested to complete the questions about their experiences and knowledge of the campus community. This study focuses on feelings of acceptance, expression, resources, living circumstances, and behaviors of the racially/ethnically diverse students living on campus that urges them to success in the field of higher education. A total of 66 students living on campus completed the survey. The findings indicated that the on-campus Latina/Latino/Hispanic American students struggled more with their academics and had a significantly lower grade point averages than their counterparts. Students who identified as Black/African American/African/Caribbean and Latina/Latino/Hispanic American had on average more negative experiences. This study also points to a large difference in level comfort between students of color and White/Caucasian students with regards to their feelings of safety and acceptance. More equitable environments for students of color living on campus would help produce a better academic experience.