Publication Date

Summer 2016

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering


Pedro Santacruz


ODL, Performance, Scalability, SDN

Subject Areas

Electrical engineering


One of the main attributes of software-defined networking (SDN) is the ability to make networks programmable and virtualizable. The SDN controller is the brain that sends instructions to the data plane and can be programmed via application APIs. The scalability and performance of the controller is of paramount importance to support large networks, such as the ones found in modern settings. This research work focused on exploring the ways in which the controller design could be scaled while maintaining sustainable performance using the OpenDaylight (ODL) SDN controller as a case study. This thesis shed light on a method of modifying the way in which various networking services are run and used the ODL controller cluster architecture to distribute the workload demands of running various services. In line with this study’s goals, the proposed controller modifications indicate support for larger networks and showed considerable improvement in scalability and throughput in terms of

the number of switches, memory usage, and the number of flows the controller architecture could support.