Publication Date

Fall 2016

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Joseph J. Pesek

Subject Areas



Undecynoic acid (UDA) attached to a silica hydride surface has been found to exhibit weak cationic exchange properties and an aqueous normal phase (ANP) type of retention. ANP is a mechanism similar to normal phase chromatographic retention, except for the use of a polar solvent such as water in the mobile phase. In ANP, the retention of a polar molecule is increased with a higher concentration of the non-polar mobile phase solvent (usually acetonitrile). Non-polar molecules exhibit retention behavior as in reverse phase (RP) chromatography. The goal of this research was to characterize the chromatographic retention pattern of an undecynoic based silica hydride column by studying various polar and nonpolar analytes. Also investigated were the effects of varying the buffer concentrations -formic acid and ammonium acetate and the effect of temperature on the retention of selected compounds. It has been established from the current work that a silica hydride based UDA column can be used for separation and analysis of nucleotides and nucleosides as well as phenolic acid components in pomegranate peel samples. A phenyl hydride column was additionally used to complete the study on the peel samples since the UDA column was not effective in separating isobaric compounds found in the peels. In conclusion, silica hydride based UDA column has been found to exhibit dual retention capabilities for polar and non-polar molecules.