Publication Date

Summer 2017

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Howard Tokunaga


Commitment, JCM, Job Characteristics Model, Leader-Member Exchange, LMX, organizational commitment

Subject Areas



There is a phrase “You don’t leave the company; you leave a manager.” But what if the job is perfectly designed to lead to organizational commitment: will the manager still have that much of an influence? This study examined the moderating effect of Leader-Member Exchange on the relationship between the Job Characteristics and Organizational Commitment. 220 employees from various countries and industries were surveyed regarding their current job, commitment to the organization and their relationship with their manager. Results showed that the core job dimensions based on the Job Characteristics Model were independently and uniquely related to affective and normative commitment, but not continuance commitment. Leader-Member Exchange did not moderate the relationship with any of the dimensions of commitment, but did add unique value to affective and normative commitment above and beyond the core job dimensions. Therefore, the relationship with one’s manager effects the overall employee experience and can impact organizational commitment. However, relationship with one’s manager did not moderate the relationship between the Job Characteristics and Organizational Commitment. This study provided more information regarding how managers’ actions, communication, and trust can influence the commitment of employees, even if the structure of the job encourages commitment. Organizations can therefore have a better understanding of how to retain their employees.