Publication Date

Fall 2017

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Arts (MA)




Marco Meniketti

Subject Areas

Archaeology; Geology


Archaeology in the Caribbean is a growing area of research. The last few decades have revealed a series of Ceramic Age sites +600BCE - 1620CE along the Windward coast of Nevis, West Indies. These sites must be excavated and examined soon, due to the effects of erosion and sea level rise. It is pertinent to explore and expand the knowledge of the prehistoric Carib peoples, if we are truly going to understand the history of the Caribbean. By bridging aspects of science and humanities through geoarchaeological methods, this project is aiming for an interdisciplinary approach to better understand the pre-Colonial environment of Nevis. Future researchers could apply these synthesized data to better inform their projects, as archaeologists continue to unravel the history of Prehistoric Caribbean life. The primary objectives of this research were to investigate soil composition, survey landscapes surrounding a midden site, and provide necessary evidence to interpret a relationship between cultures of pre-industrial Nevis and their environments. Through sediment and soil analysis, it has been determined there were significant environmental changes from Horizon 2 to Horizon 1, due to the change in color and differing amounts of fine sediment from one horizon to the next. However, further pedology analysis must be conducted for more specific information regarding mineralogy and age of the soil.