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Publication Date

Fall 2018

Degree Type

Thesis - Campus Access Only

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Electrical Engineering


Ping Hsu


Eye movement, Horizontal gaze nystagmus, Neurological disorders, Neuro-ocular control system, Saccade, Standardized field sobriety test

Subject Areas

Electrical engineering; Biomedical engineering


Frequently monitoring the brain of a patient with a neurological disorder helps someone to follow the patient’s progression, which is especially useful during and after treatment. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) is the standard, albeit costly, way of overseeing a patient’s neurological state. In this study, we propose a procedure for evaluating eye movements as they follow an object moving along a pre-defined path. After analyzing 21 volunteers’ data, two saccadic eye movement patterns emerged: one belonging to the group of the 2 participants with neurological conditions, and the other belonging to the control group. Based on these patterns, we propose a criterion for evaluating the likelihood that a person has a neurological disorder. Even though the result arose from the study of a small sample size, the methodology utilized has the potential to yield an objective, inexpensive, and wheelchair-accessible methodology to assist in detecting and monitoring a patient’s neurological aberrations.