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Publication Date

Fall 2019

Degree Type

Thesis - Campus Access Only

Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Juzi . Zhao


IoT Security, Penetration Testing, Security Analysis, Smart Home, Smart Lamps, ZigBee Light Link

Subject Areas

Electrical engineering; Computer science


Smart home devices have brought high-quality intelligent life to us. However, they have caused security vulnerabilities to compromise users' privacy and to damage users' devices and property. One of the popular smart lamps is Philips Hue, which was powered by ZigBee light link with a newer ZigBee application for communication between smart lamps. However, many vulnerabilities on the Philips Hue lamps have been discovered through security analysis, such as unauthorized network access and information theft. Moreover, attackers can easily intercept sensitive information needed for secure communication between users and smart lamps. They can launch various attacks, including replay attacks, hijacking attacks, and denial of service attacks to interrupt secure communication. This thesis proposes a secure management system against vulnerabilities in the Philips Hue lamps, making them secure and immune to network attacks. The proposed framework aims to automatically control the network management functions of the Philips Hue bridge by utilizing a unique identifier of each lamp. It uses Texas Instruments CC2531 ZigBee transceiver as the ZigBee endpoint for the network, and the device identifier is used to maintain a whitelist in the system. The identifier is derived from the timestamps, locations, and the random number of each lamp according to the ZLL standard. The experimental results demonstrate the effectiveness of protecting smart lamps against various network attacks and the efficiency to manage hundreds of smart devices through the well-defined whitelist.