Publication Date

Spring 2020

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Computer Engineering


Donald Hung


Airplane, Autonomus, Control Systems, Drone, Landing, UAV

Subject Areas

Computer engineering


Unmanned aerial vehicle systems, or any kind or autonomous system, are relevant to many applications today. However, they are complex and sophisticated systems that require a deep understanding of multiple technologies. In addition, the mathematical rigor, computer modelling, and programming applications involved make t¬his a challenging field of study. This thesis explores the possibility of achieving the automated landing of a fixed-wing unmanned aerial vehicle. Auto-landing systems can resolve the challenges for the novice user and make aerial vehicle platforms accessible and dependable. A wide spectrum of applications such as agriculture, aerial photography, and security, to name a few, can utilize this technology. This thesis catalogs, describes, and analyzes the research into existing solutions, attainable technologies, and the process used to develop and validate a control algorithm that can land an airplane safely.