Publication Date

Spring 2022

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Civil and Environmental Engineering


Akthem Al-Manaseer

Subject Areas

Civil engineering; Environmental engineering


Seven creep and shrinkage prediction models (ACI 209R-92, B3, B4, CEB MC 90-99, fib MC2010, AASHTO 2020, GL 2000) have been evaluated using five statistical methods. The statistical methods utilized in this study are the residual method, including the average and the standard deviation of the residual, the CEB mean deviation MCEB, the CEB mean square error FCEB, the CEB coefficient of variation VCEB, and the modified coefficient of variation method ωm. The study utilized the RILEM and NU-ITI databases. Results show that the ACI 209R-92 and the B3 Models produced the most accurate creep and shrinkage predictions compared to the other models. It was noted that the data selection criteria and the database used to evaluate the accuracy of the models can influence the final ranking of the Models.