Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation

Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation


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In a globalized world, entrepreneurial ventures tend to function internationally across a range of different countries and regions to be successful. It is vital, therefore, for entrepreneurs, innovators, and business professionals to be thinking and acting with a global mindset. This comprehensive textbook helps to develop such a mindset by drawing on theory, research, examples and case studies. There is a strong focus on developing countries and emerging economies throughout the text given the centrality of these markets to successful business today. Dedicated chapters shine a unique spotlight on timely topics such as migration, immigration, ethnicity, and digitalization in relation to entrepreneurship. Case studies and examples are included from around the world and include small start-ups, SMEs and well-known international brands such as Amazon, Dyson and Uber. Written in an accessible style for readers, there are additionally a wide range of learning features in each chapter including learning outcomes, summaries and discussion questions, alongside visual aids.This text is essential reading for university and college courses related to international entrepreneurship and global innovation.

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Global Entrepreneurship and Innovation