Team-Based Approaches to Arts Participation in Mid-Michigan

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Science of Team Science (SciTS) 2019 Conference

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Lansing, MI


Our study investigates arts participation of diverse populations in our community. Working with the Arts Council of Greater Lansing, we asked, what do arts experiences look like in these communities, and in what ways and spaces do these groups participate in the arts? Using both qualitative methods to collect narratives from diverse community members, and quantitative methods to measure the economic impact of the arts, our team considers the ways that arts and culture exist and matter to members of these communities, and how it might inform arts programming. As a transdisciplinary team with extensive backgrounds in arts-based education and African American and African Studies, we share a deep concern for exploring the relationship between the arts and justice. We are particularly interested in how the results of this inquiry could be used to direct resources to the spaces and programs that most effectively contribute to the economic development of the Greater Lansing area.


English and Comparative Literature