An Impact Assessment of Agile Ceremonies on Sprint Velocity under Agile Software Development

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2021 9th International Conference on Reliability, Infocom Technologies and Optimization (Trends and Future Directions), ICRITO 2021




the agile software development process has a set of standard agile ceremonies, which are must for an agile team to conduct in order to preserve its agility. However, there is always a challenge for agile teams to decide how much agile sprint time should be spent on hosting agile ceremonies and agile product build tasks. This is due to the fact that if most of the agile sprint time is spent on hosting agile ceremonies then the time for agile product build tasks will be reduced significantly impacting the velocity of the agile team. Hence, there is a need to find a solution with the help of which agile team can strike a right balance among various agile ceremonies and agile product build tasks during a sprint. To overcome this gap, this research paper analyses the data for 14 agile sprints to understand the agile time distribution across agile sprint ceremonies and agile product build tasks under current approach. Because of which, this research paper proposes the values for two newly introduced agile co-efficient namely coefficient of agile ceremony time and co-efficient of agile product build time to suggest the ideal time to be spent on agile ceremonies during a sprint. From the research results, it was evident that the velocity of the agile team following the proposed approach reported an increase in velocity by 13.96% for sprints when compared to the velocity of the agile team following the existing approach. The research work also highlighted that the duration chosen for agile ceremony by agile teams is independent of sprint lengths.


Agile Ceremonies, Agile Methodology, Agile Team, Sprint Length, Velocity


Computer Engineering