Another Way to Talk: Exploring Photovoice as a Strategy to Support Safe Disclosure Among Men and Women With HIV

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Public Health and Recreation


Patient Safety

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AIDS Education and Prevention


HIV status disclosure can reduce stigma and facilitate medication adherence and safer sex among people living with HIV (PLH). Effective disclosure interventions are limited, however, and new strategies are necessary. We conducted a pilot Photovoice-based project with 38 PLH in four cities in the Midwest and Northeast U.S. and explored how the project affected disclosure perspectives and experiences. Participants attended three group Photovoice sessions, one individual session, and an optional photo exhibit. Qualitative strategies of theme and narrative analysis of photos and session transcripts revealed that participants discussed three categories of disclosures to others: fearful, reluctant, and open. The project supported all disclosure types, helping fearful participants manage their emotions, reluctant participants plan for more effective disclosures, and open participants share their HIV status. Pilot findings suggest that Photovoice should be further developed and studied as a safe and powerful strategy to improve disclosure and subsequent health and prevention outcomes among PLH.