Baila Conmigo: Mentoring Latinas as School Leaders

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January 2023

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Sonia Rodriguez and Noni Mendoza Reis



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The number of Latinas employed in the school superintendent role remains scarce, even though research supports the idea that leadership based on women's way of knowing can facilitate equity and more inclusive school environments. The representation of Latinas in educational leadership roles, in particular the superintendency and the principalship, has not kept pace with the growing Hispanic population being served in schools. The disproportionate representation of Latina leaders is disturbing, and it is crucial to mentor Latinas into a career pathway that will pave the way to leadership roles. The Wallace Foundation (2021) addressed the significant “representation gap” between principals and students, “as a cause for concern, because of research linking principal demographic diversity to better outcomes for students of color”. This presentation will introduce a new book, Baila Conmigo: Mentoring Latinas as School Leaders. The book chapters are divided into two sections, (1) Meeting and Understanding the Mentoring Needs of Aspiring Latina Educational Leaders, and (2) Mentoring Frameworks that Promote Latinas' Pathway to School Leadership.


latina leaders, K-12, mentoring, testimonios, indigenous leadership


Baila Conmigo: Mentoring Latinas as School Leaders has been peer reviewed, accepted, and endorsed by the International Council of Professors of Educational Leadership as a significant contribution to the preparation and practice of school administration.