#BlackGirlMagic: Examining the Role of Community Othermothering for Black Sportswomen in the United States

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North American Society for the Sociology of Sport 2017 Annual Conference

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Windsor, Canada


The purpose of this paper presentation is to illuminate the significance of community othermothering and how it benefits Black sportswomen today. Through this presentation we will provide a historical overview of Black sportswomen to include participants, coaches, and administrators experiential endeavors. Employing a Black feminist standpoint we explicate how the notion of “collective uplift” empowers and motivates Black sportswomen activist efforts. Hence, despite the rising visibility and the 2016 emergence of #BlackGirlMagic for Black women’s athletic endeavors, Black women in sports continue to face the obstacles based on their race, gender, and social class. Thus, this presentation was designed to provide strategies rooted in Black feminism to combat “Sport Matters” of marginalization.


African-American Studies