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Decades of constant wars have produced millions of military personnel returning home after their stints protecting their country. Though many of these military members are able to fully reintegrate into society, a significant minority return with psychical and psychological difficulties. Included in this vast list of difficulties is Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). This disorder is particularly endemic to military populations, and although numerous treatment modalities are available to veterans with PTSD, they are not all effective for every individual. Thus, numerous grassroots and private organizations have been working to pair veterans with service dogs for the treatment of PTSD. Despite mainly anecdotal evidence claiming the positive effects of pairing veterans with PTSD with service dogs, it is highly suggestible that these service dogs can provide substantial benefits for veterans. In the current research design, a survey was devised to gauge the attitudes and beliefs of veterans with PTSD toward their service dogs. The preliminary results of the current research strongly suggest that veterans with PTSD are strongly in favor of their service dogs, and are claiming that their service dogs are helping ameliorate their symptoms of PTSD.

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PTSD, Veterans, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder, Beliefs and Attitudes, Treatment


Mental Disorders | Other Psychology | Other Rehabilitation and Therapy

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Justice Studies, with a Minor in Psychology

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Attitudes and Beliefs of Veterans with PTSD Towards Their Service Dogs: Research Methods ad Preliminary Results


Librarian Mentor: Suzie Bahmanyar

2019/2020 LRSP: Ricardo Andres Pimentel