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Publication Date

March 2000

Publication Title

Geophysical Research Letters



Aneroid altimeters, Atmospheric temperature, Computer simulation, Planets, Spectrometers, Wave propagation, NASA


Astrophysics and Astronomy | Earth Sciences | Engineering | Environmental Sciences


Planetary‐scale longitudinal variations in density observed by the Mars Global Surveyor accelerometer in the 125 km region can be qualitatively reproduced by the NASA Ames Mars general circulation model in the 80 km altitude region, but only when locations having specific local times are used in the analysis. If the model results are averaged over all local times, the high‐altitude longitudinal variations nearly disappear, leaving only a small stationary wave 1 pattern, consistent with theory and previous modeling studies. This analysis suggests that the observed wavelike structures are a result of sampling tidal modes at a limited range of local times, rather than by topographically forced Rossby waves as previously suggested.


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