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Interview with Karen Rapp and Robin Treen from the San José Museum of Art, conducted as part of the Mosaic Atlas project. Karen is deputy director and oversees the Museum’s strategic planning, developing internships and college partnerships, and cross-department collaborations. Her background is in Art History and she holds a doctorate from Stanford. Robin Treen is Manager of Special Projects and Community Partnerships, and has worked on such signature projects as Around the Table and Hidden Heritages. The Museum features paintings, sculptures, installations, and video. Karen and Robin discussed the mission of the San José Museum of Art, changes over the last decade, including the impact of the pandemic, organizational collaborations, the kinds of contemporary art features in museum exhibits and education, and ongoing support of diverse artists to tell a broader range of stories. As part of the Mosaic Atlas project, SJSU students and faculty from the Anthropology and Geography Departments interviewed people who support and produce art throughout the Bay Area.


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