This study evaluates the demand for truck-only toll lanes on Southern California freeways with owner–operator truck drivers. The study implemented the stated preference survey method to estimate the value placed by drivers on time, reliability, and safety measures using various scenarios geared towards assessing those values. The project team met face-to-face with owner- operator truck drivers near the Ports of Los Angeles and Long Beach to understand the drivers’ perspectives regarding truck-only toll lanes on Southern California freeways. A data set containing 31 survey responses is obtained and used for statistical data analysis using analysis of variable (ANOVA) and two sample t-tests. The analysis results showed that 75.27% of the owner– operator truck drivers responded are willing to pay toll fees when they choose routes. The tolerated average toll fees are $13.77/ hr and $12.82/hr for weekdays and weekends, respectively. The analysis results also showed that owner–operator truck drivers will take truck-only toll lanes when they take the routes used in four comparisons out of six comparisons according to the three measures such as values of time, reliability, and safety, despite sharing a common origin and destination. The highest toll fee per mile on any day that drivers are willing to pay when the main factor being compared is value of time is $0.31/mile or $18.35/hr. The toll fees associated with reliability and safety measures are $0.30/mile or $8.94/hr and $0.22/mile or $11.01/hr, respectively. These results are meaningful for legislators and transportation agencies as the behaviors and route choice characteristics of owner–operator truck drivers help them better understand the utility and demand for truck-only toll lanes.

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Transportation Workforce and Labor

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Truck routes, Owner operators, Value of time, Reliability, Safety


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