About ¡Qué Tal!

¡Qué Tal! was conceived in late 1969 by a group of San José State students: Mauro Chavez, Sid Flores, Ramon Martinez, Pete Michel, and Gabe Reyes. Its aim was to provide a communal space for networking, education on existing institutional barriers, and information on resources and services available to the Chicano/a community.

The first issues always listed the names of contributors but did not contain any names of the group members because they wanted to minimize personal "ego trips". Each of the first editions had editorial commentary from "El Abuelo," who was the voice of the group members.

The cover and other art in the magazine was created by Jim Valadez, a graduate art student at SJS. He also created the "sitting graduation figure" that appeared on the programs of the Chicano Commencement events and provided graphic art to Dr. Ernesto Galarza at the Bilingual Studio Laboratory Project at San Jose Unified School District.

The paper stock for the magazine was "liberated" from various offices on campus and prepared and printed by the group on a hand-cranked duplication machine, after-hours, at the Santa Clara Valley Skills Center, run by Mr. Jose Lopez on North 13th. Street.

Mauro Chavez, who was the scholarly member of the group, went on to become an instructor and dean at Evergreen Valley College.