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February 2003

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First International Convention of Automation of Libraries in Educational and Research Institutes

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Library Science, Information Science, Scholarly Communication, Information Systems


Library and Information Science


DLIST is the Digital Library of Information Science and Technology, a repository of electronic resources in the domains of Library and Information Science (LIS) and Information Technology (IT). Initial collection development scope is in Information Literacy and Informetrics. Academics, researchers, and practitioners create a wealth of content that includes published papers, instructional materials, tutorials for software and databases, bibliographies, pathfinders, bibliometric datasets, dissertations and reports. DLIST aims to capture this wealth of information in a library that is openly available for re-use and global dissemination. Open deposit processes where authors retain copyright and facilities for full-text storage in a variety of formats are used. A demonstration of DLIST along with the steps to register, deposit, and use materials is a part of the oral presentation at CALIBER 2003, Ahmedabad, India. UK and US experiences in building institutional repositories and strategies for international consortia building for resource sharing using DLIST are also outlined.