About This Journal

iSchool Student Research Journal (SRJ) was established in 2010 by decision of the faculty of the School of Library & Information & Science (SLIS) represented by Associate Professor, Dr. Anthony Bernier, on the Editorial Advisory Board. In 2014, the school was renamed School of Information (iSchool).

SRJ - pronounced "surge" - is developed and led by current graduate students of the school appointed to the Editorial Team. Selection and appointment to the Editorial Team is by a competitive application process, and all student editors are appointed for a one-year term. To learn more about the editors, download the SRJ Editorial Team biography in PDF format. and read Surge Ahead with the Student Research Journal (SRJ) in the SLIS Descriptor.

The journal receives submissions on a rolling basis and publishes two issues annually, one each in spring and fall.

View the following screencast to learn more about the Student Research Journal:

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Click here to view a recording from the Library 2.011 Conference: Student Research Journal: an Open Access Forum for Graduate Student Contributions to the Profession, presented by Faculty Advisor Dr. Anthony Bernier and former Editors-in-Chief, Maria Otero-Boisvert and Suzanne Scott.