The Journal's editorial structure is comprised of a team of graduate student editors, and a faculty advisory board.
SRJ Editorial Structure Chart [PDF]

Editorial Team

All Editorial Team members are graduate students at San José State University, School of Information.
To learn more about the current editors, download the SRJ Editorial Team biography. [PDF]

Holley Cornetto, Editor-in-Chief, sjsu.ischool.srj@gmail.com

Kelly Pollard, Managing Editor

Claire Goldstein, Content Editor

Robert King, Content Editor

Stephanie Aku, Content Editor

Stacy Andell, Content Editor

Priscilla Ameneyro, Copy Editor

Mary Malone, Copy Editor

Lisa Lowdermilk, Content/Copy Editor

Editorial Advisory Board

All Editorial Advisory Board members are full-time faculty with San José State University, School of Information [iSchool].

Dr. Sandra Hirsh, Director

Dr. Linda Main, Associate Director

Dr. Anthony Bernier, Journal Faculty Advisor

Dr. Sue Alman

Dr. Joni Richards Bodart

Dr. Mary Bolin

Rob Boyd, J.D.

Dr. Michelle Chen

Dr. Lisa Daulby

Debbie Faires

Dr. Patricia C. Franks

Dr. Christine Hagar

Dr. Debra L. Hansen

Dr. Mary Ann Harlan

Dr. Geoffrey Z. Liu

Dr. Ziming Liu

Dr. David V. Loertscher

Dr. Lili Luo

Dr. Kristen Rebmann

Dr. Tonia San Nicolas Rocca

Alyce Scott

Dr. Cheryl Stenström

Dr. Michael Stephens

Dr. Virginia Tucker

Beth Wrenn-Estes