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Journal of Curriculum Theorizing


This poetry/paper article is a re-accounting, a poetic counterstory in curriculum, of the praxis of an African American female teacher-educator working against internalized notions of curriculum as standards by re-imagining curriculum through the lives of third grade students and her teacher education colleagues. Using critical race feminism (Berry, 2010; Berry & Mizelle, 2006; Wing, 2003) as her framework, the author will describe how she moves curriculum from internalized to connected, collective, and introspective. The author will provide her rationale for the necessity of such movements in curriculum and will conclude the paper with a discussion about the possibilities that exist in such re-imagination.


This article was published in the Journal of Curriculum Theorizing, volume 30, issue 1, 2014 and can also be found at this link. Copyright © 2014, Theodorea Regina Berry

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