Publication Date

Spring 2012

Degree Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)




Megumi Hosoda


Realisitc Job Preview

Subject Areas

Organizational behavior; Occupational psychology


Although research on realistic job previews (RJP) has shown that RJPs produce positive individual and organizational outcomes, little is known of whether the characteristics of individuals change such positive relationships. Therefore, the current study extends previous research on RJPs by examining 163 nursing interns and registered nurses on how two individual characteristics -- previous job exposure and Need for Cognition (NFC) -- moderate the relationship between type of job preview and perceived job attractiveness, a job acceptance decision, and perceived organizational honesty. Results showed that those with no previous job exposure and those low in NFC rated the job as more attractive, accepted the job more often, and rated the organization as more honest when presented with a traditional job preview (TJP) than when presented with a realistic job preview (RJP) . The opposite patterns were found for those individuals who were high in NFC. Results of the present study indicate that organizations need to take into account type of job preview and individual characteristics for successful recruitment efforts. Theoretical and practical implications of the study are discussed.