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The Student Research Journal (SRJ) is the foremost double-blind, peer-reviewed, open-access journal developed and led by current graduate students at San Jose State University's School of information. Our goal is threefold: to empower budding researchers, to publish relevant content of the highest quality, and to build an international community of student researchers.

Based at the School of Information at San José State University, a School within the College of Global and Professional Education, the SRJ is developed and led by current graduate students at the School of Information.

Advised by Dr. Anthony Bernier and the Editorial Advisory Board, the editorial team is comprised of current iSchool students. Authors from all over the world, currently enrolled in any graduate program or institution, are encouraged to submit work relevant to the information science field.

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The SRJ concentrates on providing students with deep developmental editing during the peer review process. Our goal is not to simply publish pieces that meet the baseline criteria, but to compliment your graduate-level studies with an immersive experience of the peer review process.

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The SRJ recruits Content Editors and Copy Editors, as well as the positions of Managing Editor Communications Coordinator and Editor-in-Chief. For additional information email the Editor-in-Chief at sjsu.ischool.srj@gmail.com.

Current Issue: Volume 13, Issue 1 (2023)

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Editors of Volume 13 Issue 1

Amber Passey
Managing Editor
Benjamin Brown
Content Editors
Nicholas Catt
Mia Lewis
Amber Morrell
Madelyn Tarr
Copy Editors
Elizabeth Kuykendall
Emily Taggart