The purpose of this paper (a literature review) is threefold. First, it seeks to understand the current landscape of collection development practices within the contexts of academic Slavic and Eastern Europe (SEE) collections. Second, this paper aims to grasp the challenges that impact how librarians devise collection development policies for academic SEE holdings. Third, by drawing on current field research, it investigates how SEE collections are addressing these challenges and sustaining user services. It asks, for example, what tools/resources SEE collections employ to remain vital, relevant, and accessible. Based on these three foci, this paper provides an assessment of the library and information science field’s major challenges, and examines various indications of what the future holds for academic SEE collections and their user populations.

About Author

Sebastian C. Galbo is currently completing his MLIS at SUNY University at Buffalo. He holds a BA in English (Niagara University) and an MA in liberal/cultural studies (Dartmouth College).