This project report describes climate assessment activities in support of the development of a college-level diversity, equity, and inclusion (EDI) action plan. Elements of the climate assessment activities are described along with their purpose and rationale for inclusion. Recommendations are made for libraries to design and deploy their own EDI assessment activities with the goal of developing robust action plans supportive of inclusive excellence.

About Author

Parinaz Zartoshty, EDI-WG Co-Lead: Parinaz Zartoshty joined CPGE as the Director of International Student & Scholar Services (ISSS) in May 2018. She has served in similar roles at other institutions of higher education. She entered the field of international education after working for NGOs, including UNICEF and Amnesty International. Parinaz speaks several languages and has worked and studied abroad. She appreciates and encourages a global mindset. She is committed to campus internationalization efforts and strives to create a global ethos at SJSU by fostering a culture of global citizenship and embracing the importance of intercultural competencies, both key factors and contributors to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts as well. Parinaz was born and raised in Tehran, Iran and immigrated to the U.S. at a young age. Her race, class, gender and country of origin have greatly impacted her professional and career path.

Dr. Kristen Rebmann, EDI-WG Co-Lead: Kristen Rebmann is a Professor in the School of Information. She joined the iSchool in 2007 after completing a PhD in Communication from UCSD where she worked as a doctoral researcher at the Laboratory of Comparative Human Cognition. Working within a cultural-historical theoretical framework, her research involves different forms of technology integration at the community level. A diversity, equity, and inclusion advocate, she served (previously) as the iSchool’s Diversity Committee Chair and is the iSchool’s current Retention, Tenure, and Promotion Chair. Like many of our students (and reflecting California’s rapid demographic changes and diversification), Kristen is a multiracial, multiethnic scholar. She descends from Mexican laborers who left Texas for California in the 1930s and the children of European immigrants who settled in Idaho (also in the 1930s). Lori Vonderach:

Lori Vonderach joined CPGE in December 2019 as an Office Coordinator for the Operations Unit where she supports the Dean and CPGE operations, including helping to support the international students the college serves. Lori has always been a strong advocate for children with special needs (including Autism, Emotional Disturbance and English Language Learners) and worked for the Evergreen School District as a SDC Teacher's Assistant for 12 years. Prior to joining SJSU, Lori worked at Xactly Corporation providing administrative and office support. During this time, she had the privilege of being the direct supervisor for a young man who was part of Best Buddies (a program that secures jobs for people with intellectual and developmental disabilities.) She was also the direct supervisor for four high school students from the Cristo Rey Jesuit High School work study program. This program supports underserved communities in the region. Born and raised in the Bay Area, Lori is the proud parent of three grown children (two SJSU alums) and is inspired by the students with whom she works as an ally and an advocate.

Dr. Vidalino Raatior: Vid Raatior (pronouns: he/him/his) is a proud indigenous member of the Pwaraka and Alengeitaw clans of Chuuk State in the Pacific Island nation of the Federated States of Micronesia (FSM). He is a Program Specialist in the Study Abroad & Away office. Previously, Vid has worked over 20 years in higher education in the fields of international and multicultural education. Born and raised on a small island in Northwest region of Chuuk State, Vid came to the United States for college as an international student eventually earning an Ed.D in Professional Educational Practice from the University of Hawaii at Manoa. His doctoral research focused on strength-based approaches to student support services for Micronesian students attending college in the US. Vid’s lived experiences as an immigrant in the US continues to inspire him to advocate for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Erin Kelly-Weber: Erin Kelly-Weber joined CPGE in March 2020 as a Program Specialist in the Study Abroad and Away office. Prior to her tenure at SJSU, she facilitated cultural exchange programs for international high school students during their exchange year in the U.S. She currently serves as a co-chair of Diversity Abroad’s Education Abroad Student Support & Advising Task Force, which develops resources and tools designed to support students across their identities throughout the education abroad continuum. Throughout her decade of working in international education, Erin has studied or worked in 12 countries. Her variety of intercultural professional experiences, in addition to living on the East Coast, Midwest, and West Coast of the U.S., have continued to shape her worldview. Erin is deeply passionate about fostering cross-cultural communication and creating accessible and equitable international education opportunities for every student.

Kimberly Green: Kim Green first began working at International Gateways, formerly named “Studies in American Language”, as an instructor in 2000. In her current role as Associate Director, she continues to teach while also overseeing student academic and cultural engagement including curriculum and accreditation review and cultural programming. The former chair of the TESOL International Organization Intensive English Programs Interest Section, she remains active in international discussions regarding learning and culture. A native Californian of multicultural origins, Kim has lived around the U.S. and the world which has fueled her passion for history, culture, and her desire to teach.