The websites of 71 US research universities were the source of data on the relationship of academic libraries and campus writing centers, which provide support for developing written communication skills. All 71 institutions have writing centers, generally administered by the academic success operation, the English department, or a college such as arts and sciences. Just under half (n=35) of the institutions have a writing center located in the library. In 16 of those institutions, the library is the only location of the writing center. The general issues of academic success and “library as place,” as well as the space that was gained by weeding and storage of print collections, has led to this and other opportunities for collaboration between academic libraries and other campus units, part of the ongoing transformation of library organizations and their programs and services.

About Author

Dr. Mary K. Bolin is a full-time Lecturer in the SJSU School of Information and an Emerius Professor in the University Libraries at the University of Nebraska—Lincoln, where she served as Chair of the Technical Services Department and as a Catalog and Metadata Librarian. She is an Emeritus Fellow of the Center for Digital Research in the Humanities. She completed her PhD in Education in 2007. Dr. Bolin is one of the founding editors of the peer-reviewed electronic journal Library Philosophy and Practice. Before returning to her home state of Nebraska in 2004, she spent 17 years as a faculty member in the library at the University of Idaho.