In light of the artificial intelligence (AI) boom in late 2022, policies governing the use and disclosure of artificial intelligence in scholarly journals have occupied editorial boards of all disciplines. The Student Research Journal (SRJ) at San José State University sought to tackle this issue with an inclusive process to better serve our authors and editorial team in uncertain times. This editorial will discuss the work of the SRJ’s AI Policy Working Group in completing a comprehensive review of literature surrounding the topics of AI and scholarly publishing, detail the journal’s first AI disclosure policy in depth, and identify next steps for the SRJ to take in advancing the responsible use of AI in research development. The goal of this policy is not only to guide potential authors and our editorial staff, but to also provide a blueprint for other editorial boards and scholarly journals to consider adopting comprehensive and adaptable policies to address the unpredictable growth of artificial intelligence technologies.

About Author

Marc Hoffeditz (he/him) is a librarian and information professional based in Western Massachusetts. He currently serves as the Resource Sharing Program Manager for the Boston Library Consortium (BLC), supporting the organization’s interlibrary loan communities and strategizing about the future of resource sharing for libraries and consortia. He is a co-author of the soon to be released E-Book ILL Roadmaps, a major report from the BLC’s E-Book Sharing Working Group, to demystify e-book interlibrary loan and promote broader adoption of the practice. Other projects include the development of a controlled digital lending (CDL) toolkit to support libraries and consortia in implementing the practice, graciously supported by an Institute of Museum and Library Sciences grant. Marc is currently finishing his Masters of Library and Information Science at San José State University, where he serves as the Managing Editor of the Student Research Journal.

Recommended Citation

Hoffeditz, M. (2024). Into the unknown: Developing AI policies for the Student Research Journal. School of Information Student Research Journal, 14(1). Retrieved from https://scholarworks.sjsu.edu/ischoolsrj/vol14/iss1/1