Game-based learning is a relatively new pedagogical method that typically targets students of the current and upcoming generations. Librarians have gradually begun experimenting with gamifying elements of library and research skills instruction to varying degrees of success. While some case studies and theoretical analyses are available currently, more published data will be necessary to evaluate and direct the development of game-based library instruction in the coming years. This paper explores attempts to use game-based learning techniques in library instruction courses and sessions, specifically highlighting Project Velius (developed by the University of Alabama Libraries) and its similarities to the commercially successful game Her Story, which was created for purely entertainment purposes but manages to present as an effective library instruction tool nonetheless. This examination suggests that academic libraries may be more capable in this arena than commonly believed, and the author ultimately recommends that academic libraries further embrace this pedagogical trend.

About Author

Cayla Michelle Leasure is a student at Valdosta State University, pursuing her Master of Library and Information Science degree. She currently works as a Library Associate for the University of North Georgia Libraries, Oconee Campus.