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Interview with Andy Nguyen, fine art photographer, conducted as part of the Mosaic Atlas Project. Andy Nguyen was born in Vietnam and raised in San José. He received his BFA in Photography from San José State University and is working on an MFA (Photography Program). He explores the Bay Area (and) creates photographs that reflect the landscapes, natural scenes, and ethnic cultures of the region. He also documents life in Vietnam. He documents personal narratives, especially of immigrants, community events, and cultural celebrations. His work has been exhibited at San José City Hall, Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., Library, San José City College Gallery, Evergreen Valley College Library, Works/San José Gallery, Vietnamese American Community Center, the Triton Museum, and the CSU Chancellor’s Gallery. He works with numerous humanitarian foundations including Friends of Hue Foundation Children Shelter in Vietnam, BeCause for Hope, International Children Assistance Network (ICAN), the Franciscan Charity, and the Help Kenyan Children Survive & Thrive, Inc. He wants to use his work to tell stories and to generate resources to help vulnerable children. As part of the Mosaic Atlas project, SJSU students and faculty from the Anthropology and Geography Departments interviewed people who support and produce art throughout the Bay Area.


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