Most Recent Additions


Memories of the Future: Literacy Lives and the Nostalgia of Teaching English
Alecia D. Beymer, Scott Jarvie, and Vaughn W. M. Watson


Poetic Resonance as Affect in English Education
Alecia Beymer and Scott Jarvie


Super Mario and the Reorienting Power of Enchantment
Robin Aultz, Scott Jarvie, Alecia Beymer, Kyle Burke, and Vaughn W. M. Watson


Border and Becoming as Sites of Theory
Mike McLane and Scott Jarvie


Team-Based Approaches to Arts Participation in Mid-Michigan
Stephanie E. Vasko, Vy Dao, Scott Jarvie, AJ Rice, Michael O'Rourke, and Debbie Mikula


Literary Philosophy and the Use of Uselessness
Scott A. Jarvie and Addyson Frattura-Kampschroer

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